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Warm Roof Conservatory


A warm roof conservatory has the potential to turn a flawed space into what is effectively a sympathetic extension that can be used all year round for a variety of purposes.


Warm roof conservatories were developed to solve a problem.


Until 2010, conservatories could only be built with either glass or polycarbonate roofs, neither of which was fit for purpose. Quite aside from looking like a bolt-on to the rest of the property, these conservatories were also inhabitable for much of the year – too hot when the sun shone and only usable in winter with the heating on almost constantly.


Warm Roof Conservatories were developed as a solution, a roof that could fit either as a conservatory roof replacement, or as part of a new build conservatory. It was through our work at Guardian, creating the Guardian Warm Roof, that this style of roof was granted regulatory approval in 2010.


We had to demonstrate both that the roofs could be fitted to existing structures, but also that they were worth having. Clearly, there is no point going to the expense of replacing your conservatory roof if the replacement doesn’t solve the issues.


It is worth noting that the Guardian Roof has full building control approval – both LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS, thus ensuring all building regulations are met.


Warm Roof Conservatory – Year-Round Comfort


Warm Roof Conservatories have the benefits of conservatories – being both a light sunny space and also a home improvement that is more affordable than an extension or loft conversion. They create extra living space that can be used as, among other options, an extra lounge, games room, home office or home cinema.


The key benefit of this style of roof is that it turns the conservatory into what it always should have been – comfortable space that can be used all year round, living space rather than just storage space.


It achieves this through the roof being so thermally efficient, the Guardian Warm Roof achieves an incredible thermal U-value of 0.18W/m2k – the high performance efficiency of the roof is explained on site.


The roof system employed by Guardian is a solid, lightweight tiled roof, this available in a wide range of styles and colours.



The range of styles ensures that whatever the style of your house, the tiled conservatory roof will blend in, looking like a part of the house, rather than a glass bolt-on that rather jars with the overall aesthetic.


A concern for solid conservatory roofs can be that they start defeating the one advantage a glass roof has – namely letting the sun stream in.


This is where the superb internal finishes come to the fore, with windows and skylights helping the conservatory retain the benefit of being a summer room, yet also one that does not become a virtual sauna for much of the year.


Warm Roof Conservatory – Financial Benefits


The ability to install a Guardian Warm Roof conservatory on to any existing structure means that if you are looking to replace your existing conservatory roof there will be minimal upheaval. It typically takes our approved installers three days to remove and recycle the old roof, install the new and apply finishing touches. There is no need to miss a single weekend’s sun.


While the main benefits of a warm roof conservatory are related to using the space, there are finical bonuses too.


The thermal efficiency of the Guardian Roof equates to annual energy bill savings of an estimated £200 per year – this according to independent research by AECOM. One study they ran estimated savings of £5,447 across 25 years for a north-facing conservatory.


The work also tends to pay for itself and more by adding to the house value. Whereas a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof is seen as a flawed space and one that would-be buyers are unwilling to pay extra for, a warm roof conservatory creates extra living space. A conservatory of this quality can give the financial boost of an extension, yet without anything close to the overall outlay.


Further Information


On this site, there is a wealth of information about the Guardian Warm Roof, including information specific to new build conservatories and also roof replacement. We also have a comprehensive FAQs page.



Please have a look around the site and do get in touch for any further information or to arrange an obligation-free quote. Call us on 0800 0665832 or use our Contact Form.