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The Conservatory Owner’s New Year Wish-List

As we turn the corner into a new year (at the time of writing at least) why not have a think about what every conservatory owner would want for 2019?

Admittedly, you might not want to think about your conservatory, thinking about how it is unusable for large chunks of the year might not be the best way to bring in a new start.

However, we have a few ideas to cheer you up. Here’s what the beleaguered conservatory owner should wish for.

Dear 2019, I’m hoping to get…


A new conservatory roof.

(OK, you knew a plug was coming didn’t you, but stay with us!). I’ve heard about lightweight, solid, tiled replacement roofs. I’ve heard that the Guardian Roof has full regulatory backing and is LABC approved.

I’ve heard that the roofs will make the conservatory usable all year round, that they look great and that the work even pays for itself (though that’s less of an issue if an improve conservatory makes moving the last thing on your mind).

We want some fun stuff too, that’s next on the list, but what we really want is a new roof to turn our conservatory from a waste of space into a great space.


Some warm jumpers.

If 2019 isn’t going to give us a new conservatory roof (which seems unfair) then can we at least need a lot of warm jumpers. Given how cold the conservatory is in winter, six jumpers should do it – to be worn simultaneously. Also, no Christmas jumpers please, they’re not funny post Christmas.


A beer and wine cooler.

Once we get to summer, jumpers are the last thing we’re going to need in the conservatory, it’s more likely we’ll have to set rules about the minimum amount of clothing required.

Given the conservatory turns into a virtual sauna we’re going to need cooling down. Having someone employed to hose people down with cool water is one option, but we’ll be a little less demanding. The world’s best drinks cooler might suffice – along with a few fans and maybe a freezer door left open.


A guide to mindfulness.

This one has two uses. Firstly, if it’s engaging enough then reading it while in the conservatory might help take my mind off just how hot or cold it is in there.

Being more mindful might also help me feel less anger towards the conservatory, yet it’s a wasted space as it is, but just breathe out, drift away to happier thoughts.

And there’s actually a third use. The book can be used as fuel to help keep the conservatory that bit warmer this winter.


Conservatory blinds.

They look nice, they will make the conservatory a bit more appealing. It might be debatable how much impact they will have on the room’s temperature and they still come with a likely four-figure price tag, but if a new roof is really not possible they might be better than nothing.


Tickets for something

A holiday, a weekend break, the theatre. The best way not to sit there stewing about the conservatory – go somewhere else so you forget all about it. An evening out to watch a concert would be nice, a fortnight in Greece better still…


A new conservatory roof.

What do you mean we’ve already listed that one? OK, fair enough. It is the one thing that will make the conservatory usable so it’ worth asking…


About Guardian Warm Roofs.

A new conservatory roof might not be top of your to-do list for the new year but in all seriousness, a solid, lightweight replacement roof will make your conservatory usable and turn a flawed space into a superb room.

If you do want further information, please have a look around the site and give us a call on 0800 0665832.