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Do Replacement Conservatory Roofs Work?

Replacement conservatory roofs are increasingly popular as disgruntled homeowners try to turn what is a flawed space in to a great room.

What popularity doesn’t guarantee is that the roofs work, after all conservatories have been popular for decades despite often being unusable in the summer.

Do the roofs work, or is doing more work on your conservatory throwing good money after bad?

At Guardian Warm Roof, we make those replacement roofs so we clearly have a bit of an interest in them, you would expect us to speak of their benefits.

However, we can also speak with more knowledge than anyone else on the subject. Yes, we believe that replacement conservatory roofs are a great investment, but we can also explain exactly why.


They make the room usable

Replacement roofs – or the Guardian Roof at least (and we will come on to why Guardian Roof stand out) do what they were made to do – they change a conservatory that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter into a great space that is usable all year round.

That claim is easy to make of course, however we can back it up with scores of testimonials and independent reviews.

What we can also do is point to regulatory approval, official proof that our roofs do what they were made to do.

If you will allow us to post a little history…

Until 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof – a fairly useless choice between two materials unfit for the purpose (not that those selling conservatories tended to admit this…)

We thought there had to be a solution, it had to be possible to design a lightweight roof that could fit on to a conservatory structure, but also function as a proper roof that not only keeps the rain out, but also keeps the temperature within pleasant limits. We set out to make such a roof and we succeeded.

It was this type of roof that got tested, this type of roof that led to regulations being changed so that solid, lightweight tiled roofs became permissible from 2010. Or at least our roofs did, ours being the sole example to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

It is easy to say a product does something, it is easy to claim a roof transforms the room; we have the official backing and regulatory approval that shows ours does just that.

There are other benefits of getting a Guardian Warm Roof, but transforming your conservatory into that great space, the room you always thought it would be, has to be the biggest positive.


They look great

We can back this one up with fewer words (you might be pleased to note).

Whereas glass and polycarb conservatory roofs are, dare we say, a bit of an eyesore, our replacement roofs come in a whole range of styles and subtle colours and we can even make bespoke designs.

Whatever style of property, there is a Guardian Warm Roof to match – this transforms the look, turning a flawed conservatory into a sympathetic extension.

Want to see some examples? Simply head this way…


The switch makes financial sense

One factor that can out many off upgrading their conservatory roof is a feeling it is throwing further money at a flawed room.

We understand this completely, however it is worth noting that the change, as well as finally making the conservatory usable, can also make sound financial sense.

In the short and medium term there are energy bill savings to be enjoyed – independent research found that those who switch to a Guardian Roof will save an average of £200 each and every year – that being money saved off winter heating bills.

Longer term – or it could also be shot term if you’re looking to sell soon – the work often pays for itself and more.

Any would-be buyer is getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory and this is work they are more than willing to pay for. It varies by area and property, but it is not uncommon for the work to increase house value by more than the outlay.


Next steps

We think the sensible next step is to get more information. We have a wealth of information on this site,please do have a look round and get in touch with any queries; we love talking about conservatory roofs (it goes down a treat as a conversation starter at the local pub…)

You might also find an answer to a common query on our FAQs page, that’s a click away over here…

Finally, whatever you decide, we wish you luck. We hope you manage to turn that flawed conservatory into the space you deserve.