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Replacement Conservatory Roofs – Fact or Fiction

With so many homeowners having to live with conservatories that are unfit for purpose, they naturally look for a solution.

One such potential solution is a replacement conservatory roof, including the product we developed – the Guardian Warm Roof.

What can be difficult, though, is sifting through the piles of information available about replacement roofs and other conservatory options.

So, to make it a bit easier, we look at what’s fact and what’s fiction with regard to replacement conservatory roofs.


FICTION – All replacement conservatory roofs are very similar – price is the main difference.


This one isn’t even close to being true. While at Guardian we cannot talk in great depth about others’ products, we can point out that the Guardian Roof is the only one to have full Local Area Building Control approval at the time of writing.

The Guardian Roof is also the reason replacement roofs were allowed in the first place. More on that later…



FACT – Replacement conservatory roofs are allowed.


Until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarbonate –  a pointless choice with both unfit for purpose.

This was changed thanks to our work in developing a solid, tiled, lightweight roof that could be shown to deliver on its promise – to keep the room’s temperature within a pleasant range and be a better option than glass or polycarb.

Only the Guardian Roof won that approval from regulators, only the Guardian Roof proved the case for replacement roofs. However, choose a Guardian Roof an you do indeed have a roof that is allowed; encouraged even.



FICTION – There’s only one style of roof.


With a Guardian replacement roof, there is a range of styles to choose from, whether it is Victorian, Lean-to, gable or another. Bespoke styles can even be made, so there is a replacement roof for every type of property.

The roofs also come in a range of subtle colours and shades.

Glass and polycarb roofs don’t blend in with the rest of your house, but with a replacement, tiled roof the conservatory essentially becomes a superb extension.



FICTION – Installation is a big job


Actually, it’s pretty quick. With our roofs, for example, it typically takes just three days to remove and recycle the old roof, install the new and provide the internal finish (lighting, perhaps a sky light).

Given the effect the work has, we can’t think of other home improvements that can have so profound an effect in so short a space of time.

FACT – The roofs make the room usable all year round.

The main advantage of a Guardian Replacement Roof! Our roofs are shown to make a conservatory usable all year round, no longer will it be too hot in the winter or too cold in winter.

Whereas a glass roof cannot regulate temperature, turning the room into a sauna when the sun shines, our tiled, replacement roofs are far better at keepng the temperature within a pleasant range.

This is the reason why our roofs were given regulatory approval and why regulations were changed to allow this type of roof. Regulations were changed because our product was proven to deliver on its promises.



FACT – A replacement roof can be great for your finances.


Of course there is the initial outlay on the replacement roof, but after that there can be major financial benefits.

First, there are the energy bill savings. Independent research by AECOM found that £200 could be saved per year on a typical property with a conservatory, this because the room is so much easier to heat in winter.

But there can be even bigger financial benefits should you look to sell in future.

It varies by property and postcode, however it is true to say that the work can often pay for itself and more besides by adding significantly to the asking price.

What was a flawed conservatory becomes a great pseudo extension -this is an upgrade buyers are willing to pay for.



Fact – you should get in touch with Guardian!


If you are interested in a replacement conservatory roof then please do get in touch. Ours is the roof with full LABC approval,,ours is the roof which led to regulations being changed in order to allow materials other than glass or polycarb.

There is a wealth of information on the site and you can get in touch by calling us on 0800 0665832, alternatively head this way to send us a message.