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Replacement Conservatory Roof York


Replacing the conservatory roof at your York property with a tiled roof is akin to updating your horse and cart to a car.

They represent, quite simply, progress.  That is why tiled conservatory roofs have ben hailed as a revolution in home improvement.

A vastly superior product to conventional glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. You will enjoy better insulation and consequently lower energy bills, your conservatory will look much better, you have a huge range of styles and finishes to choose from, and they come with sizeable guarantees.

Upgrade the conservatory at your York home: talk to about why this makes sense online or call 0800 066 5832. You can also get a FREE QUOTE on our home page


Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement in York


York residents can reap a number of sizeable benefits when they make the sensible decision to convert their conservatory to a solid tiled roofed conservatory. Here are a few of the key ones.

  1. The all year around conservatory

Due to the improved insulation that comes with a tiled conservatory roof – see why here – your York conservatory can be enjoyed all year around. No longer an occasional room, the conservatory becomes a key part of your York property. It’s surprising how adding a tiled roof to your conservatory makes it resemble an extension as much as a conservatory, which can only be good for enhancing the value of your home.

  1. Your York home will look better

It’s sad but true that a glass or polycarb conservatory can never look more than a glass bolt on, a strange carbuncle unable to fit in with the rest of your York house. This has changed. A Guardian conservatory roof is tiled. Just like your home’s roof. And you can choose from a number of different shaped conservatories – see Guardian Roof styles – such as lean to conservatory styles and Edwardian styles. But that’s not all. You also can choose the finishes for your roof such as the type of tiling used and its colour, along with a raft of stunning interior finishes too.  You can see our conservatory roof finishes here, plus check our  Guardian Roof gallery for inspiration.

  1. No planning problems

The official Guardian Roof was the first tiled roof in the UK to gain LABC approval. That means why you contact your local Team Guardian member – we recommend only using approved members – they’ll be able to help you get a tiled conservatory roof installed without hassles, hold-ups or fuss.  You can count on our highly skilled and experienced installers to do an expert job of fitting your York home’s replacement conservatory roof. They will do it so well, and so fast you won’t remember they were there.

Ask for a free quote today and witness the transformation!

Find out more about the many benefits of Guardian Roofs by calling us on 0800 066 5832 or sending us an online query.