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Replacement Conservatory Roof Sandbanks

Improve the looks and energy efficiency of your Sandbanks home by installing a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian. With the revolutionary Guardian Warm Roof, your conservatory will remain at a pleasant temperature even when temperatures climb during summer.

The efficient temperature regulation provided by the cutting-edge insulation technology will also keep the room habitable during winter by preventing warm air from escaping.

As you use less energy to heat up or cool your house during temperature extremes, your energy bills will reduce considerably, independent research by AECOM estimating the savings to be around £200 per year for a typical property. Over the lifetime of a conservatory, this will equate to many thousands of pounds.

Your Sandbanks home will also become far more aesthetically pleasing if a Guardian replacement conservatory roof is installed in place of a glass of polycarb roof that looks like a bolt-on to the rest of the property.

Begin to enjoy these and more advantages by asking for a quick quote or giving us a call on 0800 0665832.

Advantages Of A replacement Conservatory Roof in Sandbanks


Many styles

You can have your Guardian roof in a variety of styles depending on your personal taste or the prevailing theme of your house. Feel free to choose from our range of Victorian or Edwardian finishes if you prefer a bit of 19th century flair. If you would like to maximise the amount of light getting into the room, you can go for a gable end finish.

Should none of our array of styles quite match your conservatory, we can arrange for a site visit so that we can come up with a bespoke design. The roofs also come in a range of subtle shades and colours, ensuring they really do blend in with the rest of the property.


All-year comfort

You will be able to occupy your Sandbanks conservatory throughout the year with a replacement roof from Guardian.

For this reason many have converted it into a dining room, study room or TV lounge that is used every day, not just when conditions are mild.

It is worth noting that this claim is backed up by official approval. Until 2010, conservatories were only allowed to have glass or polycarb roofs. It was our work in developing an alternative with proven benefits that led to regulatory change.


Energy efficiency

Multiple layers of high-performance insulation have been built into the Guardian roof to ensure it effectively keeps out hot air during summer and keeps the room warm during winter.


Quick installation

Most of the construction of the Guardian roof is done off-site, meaning the roof is ready to install when delivered. All that remains is for the installer to fit it over the conservatory, which should only take about three days. The roof also comes with full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.


Call us now on 0800 0665832 to begin reaping the benefits of Guardian roofing technology or get more information by sending us an online query.