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Replacement Conservatory Roof Nottingham

You will be surprised at how a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian Roofs can transform your Nottingham property.

Instead of a room reserved for when the weather is friendly, your conservatory with a tiled roof can become an extension of your home usable throughout the year.

The functional and aesthetic benefits a replacement conservatory roof offers will also boost the value of your property while saving you money.

Send us an online query or call us on 0800 0665832 to talk to one of our representatives about your new replacement conservatory roof for your Nottingham home.

 You can also get a quick quote by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ tab on the main menu.

 Key Reasons to Get a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Nottingham

There are several reasons why outfitting your Nottingham residence with a Guardian replacement conservatory roof makes perfect sense.

Savings: You stand to make substantial savings on your energy bills with our thermally efficient Guardian roofs. Unlike conventional glass or polycarbonate roofing, Guardian roofs are designed to provide superior insulation. You will spend much less energy on heating during winter or cooling during summer.

  • All-year comfort: A Guardian conservatory roof will allow you to use your Nottingham conservatory throughout the year regardless of the prevailing weather. Some homeowners have, for this reason, chosen to turn their conservatories into extensions of their living areas or home offices.
  • Beauty: Browse through our gallery, and you will see the range of options available to you regarding Guardian Roof styles. You are sure to also find a tiled finish that appeals to your taste and matches the theme of your home. And if you don’t there is still the option of designing a bespoke roof. We also offer variety when it comes to interior finishing.
  • Approved Quality: With a Guardian roof you can expect quality. Our roofs are LABC-approved (the first to ever be so!) and are designed to last a lifetime. Our expert conservatory roof installers are sure to have your conservatory roof replacement up in no time. Within a few days, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your new-look conservatory roof conversion. All our Team Guardian installers provide fully backed guarantees for your new tiled conservatory roof.

Get started converting your Nottingham conservatory into a year-round comfort zone by calling us on 0800 0665832 or filling out our online form.