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Replacement Conservatory Roof

A replacement conservatory roof can transform your Maidstone house – turning a room that is a disappointment into the best room in the house.
The market leading solid, tiled replacement conservatory roof and available in Maidstone, Guardian Roofs have three great, main benefits.
They turn a room that is too hot in summer, too cold in the winter into one that is a superb space to enjoy all year round. They also make the house look better – both from the inside and out – and they add value to the house.
That’s three good reasons to call 0800 066 5832 today to find out more about the Guardian Roof.
And if you are a highly-skilled company who might be capable of installing the Guardian Roof please also give us a call, our replacement roofs are a genuine revolution in home improvements.

Replacement conservatory roof Maidstone –
Reasons to buy

Although there are many benefits with Guardian replacement conservatory roofs, undeniably the main reason people in Maidstone and beyond consider having the work done is to turn the conservatory into a great room, the room they thought it would be.
Glass and polycarbonate – the typical material for conservatory roofs – are simply not suitable for the task; after all how often do you see either as the roof for the rest of the house? Changing to a solid, tiled replacement roof transforms the room – it feels pleasant all year round yet remains a sun trap.
And while a Google search might show up other seemingly similar roofs, it is worth noting that only the Guardian Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. Choose Guardian and you get complete peace of mind as well as a great product.
For a southern town such as Maidstone, a town where the climate makes a conservatory so appealing, a replacement conservatory roof can be genuinely life enhancing.
One of the main concerns potential customers have though is both the cost and scale of work. However, because Guardian Roofs use the existing conservatory structure, cost and upheaval are kept to a minimum. Typically the entire work takes just three days to remove the old roof, recycle as much as possible, and install the new.
This is no rushed job though. This is using a tried-and-tested, step-by-step approach and only through the best installers. The many testimonials speak of the quality of work.

The results is a roof that looks great. Guardian replacement conservatory roofs come in a range of styles with something to suit every type of house in Maidstone. There are Victorian, Lean-to, Gable and more and all in a range of subtle colours; perhaps the only style we would struggle with is the traditional Kent oasthouse – that said glass hardly blends in either!
Inside too, the quality of finish is a clear enhancement on what was there previously – details available on our styles page.
And it might not be your main initial motivation for making the change, but a long term benefit of a Guardian Roof is that it makes financial sense in two ways.
First, there are the year-on-year savings thanks to the roof’s excellent U-value, its heat-retention ability in winter. This means the boiler can be on significantly less and with utility bills only going one way that saving can be significant.
And the work also pays for itself by adding value to the property. Rather than a conservatory that can only be enjoyed sporadically, you have a sympathetic, superb extension. In a buoyant housing market such as that in Maidstone, the value of these replacement roofs is only more apparent.
Please take a look round the site to get more of a feel for the quality of the product – and give us a call on 0800 066 5832 as we’d love to discuss your requirements.