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Replacement Conservatory Roof Luton – Upgrade with Guardian Roofs

Everything has its moment, its time, so it was with glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs in Luton.

Once they were the height of fashion, now they are simply outdated.

A tiled replacement conservatory roof offers huge benefits to Luton conservatory owners. That’s why the solid Guardian tiled conservatory roof has been called a revolution in the home improvement market.

Obviously replacing the conservatory roof at your Luton property comes at a cost and that’s why it’s worthwhile to talk to someone about his, with any questions you may have.

Please send any enquiries about conservatory roof replacements to us online or call 0800 066 5832

Key Benefits for Luton Homeowners When Replacing their Conservatory Roof


  1. Energy Efficiency

A tiled conservatory roof makes your home more energy efficient. This buzzword of today has a serious purpose, namely reducing our carbon footprint. A solid conservatory roof leaves inferior conservatory roofs standing when it comes to installation. You can read about how replacing your conservatory roof improves insulation here

  1. All Year Conservatory

The main benefit in converting your conservatory roof for a Luton homeowner is how your conservatory is transformed from a sun room to an all year around room. Indeed, it can be used for many more purposes now from extending the kitchen or lounge as it resembles an extension. This makes a huge difference and can elevate the conservatory from occasionally used space to an ideal, daily used space.

  1. Tiled Conservatory Roofs look Better on your Luton Home

Your roof is probably tiled, so a glass or polycarb conservatory was never capable of looking anything other than a bolt on rather than an integral part of your property.

The official Guardian conservatory roof, however, comes in a variety of styles and roof finishes, designed to blend in with your property.

Feel free to leaf through our gallery of past projects to see what possibilities await your home.

You will notice from the pictures in our gallery that our conservatory roofing comes in a variety of tiled finishes.  This broadens your choice and the chance that you can match your conservatory roof to your home

There are two main basic technologies we offer in our roofs; Guardian Shingle and Guardian Slate. The former is made from lightweight, high-grade steel and perfectly hides nails, offering you a combination of strength and style. Guardian Slate offers the beauty of natural slate without the risk of cracking or breaking. Both come in a wide range of colour palette options.

There is then a variety of conservatory roof styles to choose from such as lean to and gable-ended style conservatories to Edwardian and Victorian shapes

Find out more about the many benefits of Guardian Roofs by calling us on 0800 066 5832 or sending us an online query.