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Replacement Conservatory Roof Leatherhead

Getting a replacement conservatory roof for your Leatherhead residence will make it more energy efficient and add a touch of class.

More importantly, you will be able to spend time in your conservatory at any time of the year. Gone will be the days it became a no-go zone during winter or summer.

All Guardian roofs are fully LABC and LABSS approved, reducing your installation headaches.

We offer a wide range of style options for your tiled finish and our tiles are available in many colours. With elegant Victorian or Edwardian tiling on your conservatory, rather than the conventional glass or polycarb, your property’s value will appreciate.

Get more information about Guardian Warm roofs by sending us an online enquiry or calling us on 0800 0665832 today. Ask for a quick quote for your replacement conservatory roof in Leatherhead by filling the form on our website.


Why a Guardian Warm Roof?


If your conservatory in Leatherhead gets uncomfortably hot during summer or unbearably cold in winter, you need a replacement roof from Guardian.

These roofs are built with multiple layers of insulation to keep warm air in during winter and keep it out in summer. This makes your home much more energy efficient meaning your energy bills are lower in the long run.

The look of a conservatory roof done with Guardian tiles will be much more appealing to the beholder than your usual polycarb or glass roof. These roofs are majestic when fitted with all the trims and cappings by a verified installer. You can have your tiling done to replicate any style of house, of course we can advise you as to which finish will work nest.

Check out our gallery if you need inspiration for your project.

A Guardian roof guarantees you peace of mind for a number of reasons:

  • They come with a 10-year guarantee
  • Excellent customer service for the duration of the installation and after
  • Our expert installers will leave you with a structurally sound conservatory complete with an engineers’ report. The roof will have full LABC and LABSS approval.


Give us a call now on 0800 0665832 or request a free quote to make your new conservatory roof a reality. Send us enquiry online if you need more information.