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Replacement Conservatory Roof Durham




Are looking for a replacement conservatory roof at your Durham home?

Or maybe you’ve heard how a new solid, tiled conservatory roof can completely transform and upgrade your conservatory?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Guardian Roofs UK created the first LABC approved tiled conservatory roof, known as the Guardian Roof.

This means planning regulations tend to prove no problem when undergoing a conservatory roof conversion.

Because we have the leading solid roofed conservatory in the market, many installers across the UK have joined Team Guardian.

This means in Durham you’re never too far from an approved Guardian Roof installer allowing you to enjoy the great benefits that come from upgrading your conservatory roof.

To replace your conservatory roof in Durham click the ‘find an installer’ tab at the top of this page and search for your local Guardian Roof supplier.

Alternatively, call us today  0800 066 5832 for more information on replacing your conservatory roof in Durham.


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Guardian Conservatory Roofs Durham – Key Information

We understand replacing the conservatory roof at your Durham home is a big decision and involves a capital investment.

That’s why we encourage you to click the blue links below and read in-depth pages on the site dealing with the various benefits of tiled conservatory rooms, along with the features available to you.

Key Benefits: This section covers the highlight benefits of upgrading your old glass/polycarb conservatory. The principal benefit of a solid conservatory roof being that it revolutionises the conservatory space from a seasonal place to an all year round space. This is obviously a massive difference. When your conservatory becomes a room that’s not only cool in the summer but warm in the winter, you can make it one of the most desirable rooms at your residence.  Especially now that it resembles an extension more than a conservatory.


Stylish: Another major difference between old fashioned conservatory roofs and Guardian conservatory roofs is that a tiled roof improves the appearance of your Durham property whereas a glass/polycarb bolt-on tends to detract from it. There is a wide number of Guardian Roof styles to choose from, including classic Victorian shapes to P-shapes. We can also cater for bespoke requests given the purpose is to make your new conservatory roof effortlessly complement your current home.


Finishes:  As part of transforming your Durham conservatory from worst room to best room in the house we offer a great many interior and tiling finishes. This allows you to choose tiles such as metrotile shingle in many different colours. Then you can change your doors, windows and floors to materials such as wood or stone. Ultimately, you can renew your conservatory and make it the room you always dreamt it could be.


Energy Efficient: Our Guardian Roofs are tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.  The improved insulation is what maintains the the right climate in your conservatory all year round. It also means savings on energy bills. To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.


Get a free quote from this site or call us today 0800 066 5832 for more information on changing your conservatory roof in Durham.