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Replacement Conservatory Roof Cardiff



Choose a solid, tiled replacement conservatory roof in Cardiff and transform your conservatory into the best room in the house!

We patented the Guardian Roof, the only LABC approved solid, tiled conservatory roof.

This roof has been hailed as a revolution in home improvement because of all the new benefits you can get from your Cardiff conservatory once you make the switch.

And it’s easy to find an official Guardian Roof installer in the Cardiff area.

Simply click the tab ‘ find an installer’ at the top of the page and enter your details

Talk to us today if you want to know just why you should replace the conservatory roof at your Cardiff home.


We are sure you will be blown away by the difference a tiled, conservatory roof can make.

Quite simply, Guardian Roofs represent a major upgrade on old fashioned glass or polycarbonate roofs.

And being LABC approved, it’s now plain sailing to get approval for adding what is effectively an extension to your home.

A conservatory roof replacement will make your Cardiff house look miles better, it will provide a room that can be used all year round, save you money on energy bills and add value to your property. What’s not to love?

Browse our Guardian Roofs brochure and call us on 0800 066 5832 for more information on replacing your conservatory roof at your Cardiff home.


Guardian Conservatory Roofs Cardiff – Key Information

Please take a little bit of your time to visit some of the links below so you can see all the great features ad benefits of a conservatory roof conversion.


 Benefit:  The biggest benefit in changing your Cardiff conservatory to a solid, tiled conservatory roof is that you will add a new room to your house. This is because Guardian Conservatory Roofs are much better insulated and can be used all year round. They will be cool when you want them to be – in the summer – but also warm in the winter – offering a profound shift from old-style glass or polycarb conservatory roofs.

Guardian Roof Styles:  Be honest. What does a glass or polycarb conservatory look like added on to your house? Does it blend in with the main roof tiles? Is the style similar? Of course it isn’t. A tiled conservatory roof will look much better. We offer a range of elegant Guardian Roof styles for you to choose from that best blend in or complement your Cardiff property. Check out this roof styles section to see our wide range.


Get inspired by browsing the great examples of Guardian Roofs in our gallery section 


Guardian Roof Finishes:  Given that when you replace your conservatory roof for a tiled one, you will have a room that can be used all year round, it makes sense to improve its appearance. At Guardian Roofs, you can choose from a range of tiling finishes such as Metrotile, available in numerous colours, or interior finishes to really make your conservatory the most comfortable space at your home.


Energy Efficient:  Guardian Roofs make your Cardiff home more attractive and comfortable; they also make it more energy efficient. A solid conservatory roof is tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards meaning the roof better captures  heat in winter while letting warm air out in summer.  To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to a a hugely impressive U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.


Get a free quote from this site or call us today 0800 066 5832 for more information on changing the conservatory roof at your Cardiff home.