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New Year Resolutions For The Conservatory Owner

Could 2017 be the year you sort out your problematic conservatory?

The issues, or should that be the issue, is well known – the glass or polycarbonate roof leaves the room too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

The question is, what are you going to do about it? Here are a few resolutions for the new year.

We’ll use it as extra storage

Let’s face facts, the conservatory is never going to be usable as a place to relax.

But, we do have all that junk around the house, under beds, on windowsills, in the kids’ bedrooms. We’ll just put that in the conservatory – and make sure when we have guests round they don’t go anywhere near that room.

We’ll put a small wood burner in and pretend it’s a sauna

Let’s pretend it’s the 1970s, everyone wanted a sauna back then.

A small wood burner, some white towels and a bowl with water in – that will complete the look.  Maybe we should lather on some fake tan too.

Knock it down!

That will fix it, let’s knock the conservatory down. Could we even do it ourselves?

I’m going to head out there now with a big hammer and some rubble sacks. This time tomorrow it will more goneservatory than conservatory.

We’ll just add a sub clause

It was meant to be the perfect room when the sun shines, that’s what they told us when we got it.

We’ll just tweak that to ‘it’s the perfect room when the sun shines (as long as it’s only shining a bit)’.

If the sun shines a lot it’s an awful room, it’s far too hot. Who wants to spend hours sat in a virtual oven?

But a mild, slightly warm March evening. Yep, it’s actually quite pleasant then. We’ll just keep it for those 17 degree spring evenings,


We might not be a fan of the conservatory right now, but what if we added lots of fans…

Six, maybe seven? Let’s go for eight. Eight fans on full blast and the conservatory is bound to feel cool in the summer. We’ll just wear ear defenders and move before the next electricity bill comes.

We’ll turn it into an extension

Finally, one we can help with!

We don’t sell fans, we’re not experts on saunas, but we can turn flawed conservatories into what are effectively great extensions.

We remove the existing roof and replace it with a solid, tiled, lightweight alternative in a style to match the rest of your property.

The work typically takes three days, makes the conservatory usable all year round, has full Local Area Building Control approval and can often pay for itself in terms of adding value to the house.

As far as these resolutions go we think it’s the most sensible!


About Guardian Warm Roof

The Guardian Warm Roof can transform your conservatory into a great space, with the work typically only taking three days.

Please have a look around the site, and if you need any more information do get in touch by calling 0800 0665832 or using our contact us form available here.