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Make 2018 The Year To Turn Your Conservatory Into Something Usable

At Guardian, we are only too aware of the problems suffered by many conservatory owners.

They are often rooms that are unfit for purpose, they stay too hot in the summer to be usable, while in winter the only way to keep them warm is to have the heating on almost constantly.

That’s why we developed the Guardian Warm Roof, it instantly transforms any conservatory into a great room whatever the weather. And we believe that this can be the year any homeowner turns their conservatory into a great space. Here’s why.


All you need to do is change the roof

Although your conservatory might seem to be close to useless, there is actually likely to only be one thing wrong with it – the roof.

Most conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials which are unfit for purpose as they are terrible at regulating the temperature.

The Guardian Warm Roof is a lightweight, solid tiled roof which keeps the temperature within a pleasant range – on those hot, summer days the conservatory will be a great space in which to pass a few relaxing hours.

This all begs the question why, if glass or polycarb roofs are so unsuitable, are they so common? The reason is that until 2010 they were the only materials allowed for conservatory roofs.

It was thanks to our work in showing the benefits of a lightweight, tiled alternative that regulations were changed, however still many people do not know that they can have a conservatory with this type of roof. Unfortunately, this leads to many people wasting money on a flawed product.

It is also worth noting that only the Guardian Roof has full Local Area Building Control approval – that means you can have one of our roofs installed with complete confidence.


The roofs look great

Glass or polycarb can look like a bolt-on the the rest of the house.

However, a Guardian Roof comes in a range of styles and subtle colours so whether it is Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Lean-to or another there will a colour and style to match.

This means that your conservatory takes on the look of a sympathetic extension.


The work typically only takes three days

Often the one thing that puts people off getting work done in the upheaval – we’ve been there too as we’re homeowners!

However, the Guardian Warm Roof is designed to take just three days to install – that’s three days for everything, removal of the old roof, fitting of the new and all the finishing touches to leave a product that looks superb both inside and out.

Our installers are all highly professional and courteous and leave your house in a clean, tidy condition at the end of each day.

We aren’t aware of many other home imporvements which have so profiound an effect in so short a space of time.


Upgrading the roof can make great financial sense

Upgrade to Guardian Warm Roof and there can be financial benefits in both the short and long term.

Every year, you are likely to save money on your energy bills as the conservatory will be so much better at maintaining its temperature.

This claim is backed up by independent research by AECOM which found that the savings will run to around £200 per year on a typical property. With energy prices only going one way, those savings could grow further still.

The other benefit comes if and when you look to sell. Most would-be buyers know that conservatories are flawed spaces and so will not pay for them, they might even see them as something that needs removing and so downgrade any offer accordingly.

However, with a Guardian Warm Roof, the conservatory essentially becomes a great extension –  a space that is usable all-year round.

That is an imporvement housebuyers are willing to pay for.


Want to know more?

There is a wealth of information on this site, so do please have a good look around.

And if you would like any more information, give us a call on 0800 0665832.