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Can I have a wood burner in a conservatory?

A popular option when adding a Guardian Warm Roof is to install a wood burner, but is it recommended, and how easy is it to do?

Case Study: Double Guardian Warm Roof installation

Team Guardian installers, Orchid Windows, were approached by a couple looking to replace both their conservatory roofs with a solid conservatory roof from Guardian Warm Roofs.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Warwick – Full LABC and LABSS Approval

A replacement conservatory roof in Warwick helps the home owner save on their energy bills. The roof can also lead to a significant increase in the property price and they also improve the visual appeal of the property. Perhaps most importantly, a replacement...
Replacement Conservatory Roof Stratford

Replacement Conservatory Roof Stratford

A replacement conservatory roof in Stratford will make your conservatory usable all year round, while also improving the look of the house AND adding value to the property. When you opt for the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof as the replacement to the glass or...

Practical Uses For Your Conservatory

The development of solid, lightweight tiled conservatory roofs has made conservatories hugely popular once more, turning what was a flawed space into what is effectively a superb extension on a budget. The development also means that a space once widely considered...

Are Solid Conservatory Roofs Legal?

Are Solid Conservatory Roofs Legal?

Conservatories with solid, tiled roofs are increasingly common and yet glass and polycarbonate roofs remain common too. This leads to an obvious question and one we will put to bed once and for all in this post. Are the solid, tiled roofs legal and, if so, is that...

The Renaissance Of The Conservatory

Conservatories were hugely popular in the 1980s but then suffered a dip in popularity and demand. Increasingly, home owners turned to other options – loft and cellar conversions became ever-more common, so too extensions utilising affordable flat roofing...

The Two Images That Show Why You Should Change Your Conservatory Roof

The Two Images That Show Why You Should Change Your Conservatory Roof

On this site there are thousands of words that detail the technical benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof. There are pages on how the roofs have full regulatory approval, how they make conservatories usable all year round, how they are a superb option for anyone looking...

Replacement Conservatory Roofs – The Pitfalls To Avoid

Replacement Conservatory Roofs – The Pitfalls To Avoid

Since 2010 it has been possible to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof with a lightweight, solid tiled roof. When done well, there are numerous benefits to getting this work done. The replacement roof removes the problems inherent with the old, they make the...