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How To Find A Replacement Conservatory Roof Installer

Having a replacement conservatory roof installed can be one of those moments where you have both great happiness and also a bit of regret.

There’s that feeling of finally, we can use the conservatory all year round, we have a great extra room at last. Let’s celebrate!

However, as you sip that celebratory glass of Champagne until it is half empty, you might also think about how you wish you’d known to get a solid, tiled roof in the first place, or think bad thoughts about the company who installed your conservatory all those years ago.

At least though you will have a great space, a room that can be an office, or a games room, or a playroom, or extra lounge space.

How do you get to this stage, how do find a good, reliable company to carry out the installation and which type of replacement roof should you choose – after all, there is more than one type of replacement conservatory roof out there.

In fact, perhaps that’s where we should start. Which type of roof is best, after that we can worry about how to find an installer.

Which type of replacement conservatory roof should I choose

Given we developed the Guardian Warm Roof system, you would expect us to talk about the benefits of our own roofs.

However, we will do this simply by talking about established facts. We also won’t comment directly on other types of roofs, part of your research should be to see what else is out there.

What we can say is that the Guardian Roof has a level of approval that is unmatched among our competitors. To quantify this, we need to embark on a quick history lesson.

Until 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, this choice being essentially pointless as both are unfit for the purpose.

The problems were obvious, however with no alternative in place the regulations stayed as they were – after all, it would be unfair to give approval to a replacement roof that had no benefits, it would simply lead to homeowners wasting even more money.

We worked to develop a lightweight, solid, tiled roof that would have two clear benefits. Firstly, it would be a roof that could be installed on to any existing conservatory frame; the old roof would simply need removing and then the new one could go on in its place.

The other benefit was to make a roof that would make the conservatory usable all year round, it would have to keep the temperature within a pleasant range. No longer would the conservatory become a virtual sauna in the summer.

The fact we achieved both aims is shown in the regulatory changes that came in 2010. Our roofs were shown to deliver on these aims and so regulations were rewritten, it now became possible to have a tiled conservatory roof.

Since then, other broadly similar products have been developed, but it is worth noting that the Guardian Roof remains the only one to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. As with all successful products, imitators soon crop up.

How to find an installer for a Guardian Warm Roof

If you are interested in having a Guardian Roof installed, or at least want to find an installer so you can start the conversation, then you are going to need to find an approved, local company who can undertake the work.

At Guardian, we only allow approved installers to work with our roofs, we want to maintain our excellent reputation and so need the quality of the installation to match the quality of the product.

We make it easy to find an approved installer, simply click on the ‘find an installer’ button at the top of the page and then enter your location.

In most locations, you will be spoilt for a choice with two or three local installers to choose between. As they are installers we have personally vetted, they will all have excellent reputations and plenty of testimonials, the biggest challenge might be working out which one to go for.

You can also verify an installer, simply follow that link in the menu bar and then enter in the company’s details.

If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone – ideally about Guardian Roofs, but we’re good listeners on most topics – please do give us a call today on 0800 0665832.

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