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How To Get The Benefits Of An Extension For The Price Of A Conservatory

Compromise. It’s something we learn to do, but nobody really wants to do they?

We put up with compromises, but what if we could get exactly what we wanted?

Alas, usually, we can’t. However, if you want a superb extension but can only afford the budget for a conservatory there isn’t any need to compromise.

You can have your cake and eat it – in a room which has all the benefits of an extension, but the price tag of a conservatory.

Best of both worlds

This best of both worlds scenario is possible thanks to our product, the Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory. What follows isn’t a hard sell, but it is a few points to give a guide to our market-leading product.

So, what is a Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory? It sounds a lot like a normal conservatory, so how can we claim it has the benefits of an extension?

We have changed one aspect of the traditional conservatory and made the room into something very different.

With most conservatories,  the roof creates insurmountable problems. Whether it is glass or polycarbonate, it simply cannot keep the temperature within a pleasant range; the conservatory will be too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

We get rid of this problem by building conservatories that have a lightweight, solid, tiled roof.

This one change makes a world of difference, no longer will the roof magnify the weather outside.

You might be wondering why, if our roof makes such a difference, many conservatories continue to have glass roofs.

Many people simply don’t know that they can get a conservatory with a solid, tiled roof, equally many are lumbered with a conservatory built prior to 2010 – the year regulations were changed to allow these replacement roofs.

In effect, though, this means the Guardian Roof as it is our product which has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. It is our roofs which got regulations changed in the first place, our tireless work to develop a solid, tiled, lightweight conservatory produced a product which satisfied regulators that it met its key aim – namely to make conservatories more usable, to address their obvious flaws.

However, a useable conservatory is still someway short of being an extension, it doesn’t look like an extension. At Guardian, we address that by having roofs that look so stunning, roofs that come in a range of styles and subtle colours and so blend in perfectly with the rest of the property.

Quite aside from its poor insulation, a glass or polycarbonate roof is always going to look like a bolt on to the rest of the property. Increasingly conservatories with glass roofs look rather dated.

A Guardian Roof still has all the advantages of a conservatory – it is a light, sunny room, but removes the flaws and also has a classier finish. Of course, it is easy to say our roofs look great, to have a look for yourself please follow this link to look at styles and finishes.

Financial benefits

Upgrading to a Guardian Warm Roof doesn’t just make your conservatory usable, it is also a change that can have financial benefits.

There is the initial outlay for the work of course, but after that there are likely to be annual energy bill savings to enjoy. Independent research by AECOM estimated that the savings would be around £200 a year on a typical property, this the saving on heating bills during the winter – conservatories being notoriously hard to heat of course.

It is also worth noting that energy bills only seem to be going one way, energy bill savings are only likely to grow further still.

Longer term, if you ever look to sell the work can have a major effect. Often, upgrading to a Guardian Roof is work that can pay for itself, and more besides. Would-be buyers are effectively getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory This is work they are willing to pay for.

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A Guardian Warm Roof makes your conservatory usable. It helps keep heating bills down and it also has a classier look. No longer must one room be a bolt onto the rest of the house.

If you would like to know more, please call us on 0800 0665832 or follow this link to send us a message.