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Does installing a conservatory add value to my house?

For the homeowner there are two main aims when spending significant money on their property – turning it into that dream space, but also making sensible choices that will at least pay for themselves if they ever look to sell.


And, the most obvious improvement is always to add space. When it’s an extension it is often fairly easy to work out whether it will pay for itself, if other houses nearby have had similar work there is a clear precedent set; if the work is to add an extra bedroom them a quick search on RightMove will show how that extra room is likely to affect asking price.


However, conservatories can be less clear cut. Some people love the conservatory, or at least the idea of one (more on that soon); others are less fussed – it’s extra space but perhaps not space they’re keen to pay for.


In today’s housing market, is the cost of installing a conservatory going to recoup itself, is it going to be a great investment, or, if you are keen that any work adds value, is it an enhancement best avoided?


To answer this question, we’re going to have a look from both perspectives; those of the vendor and those of the would-be-buyer.


As a seller


As a seller, you’d assume that it has to pay for itself, right?


You are adding considerable square footage, and not only that you’re adding square footage with a specific purpose.


When the sun shines, it will be (you hope, perhaps wrongly) the best room in the house. It will be that perfect spot for those sunny, summer afternoons; you can sell the dream to any would-be buyer – glass of wine, good book, relax…


It is also a selling point in comparison to other houses – a buyer might have narrowed their search to three-bedroom houses with a garden, there might be plenty of those, so what will make yours stand out? That conservatory could be what gets you a great offer.


A conservatory is also a smaller financial commitment; a full-blooded extension might be too much work, it might be too large a stretch financially; a conservatory gets you that space at a reduced cost.


Also, let’s not forget this is your house for now, you’ve got to live there. A conservatory is a great enhancement, you’re going to love it. Aren’t you?…


The buyer


The would-be buyer will be clued up. They will have done their research, narrowed down the properties, they will know exactly what they are looking for.


They will also have read up on conservatories if they are going to be looking properties with one added and what they have read will have worried them.


Conservatories are flawed, or at least most conservatories are flawed – stay with us though, there is a solution. The problem is the roof, they tend to be either glass or polycarbonate, two materials very bad at the one job they are meant to be doing, namely keeping the room within a reasonable temperature range.


In the summer, any conservatory soaking up the sun turns into a virtual sauna, in the winter they are cold to the point of being unusable unless the heating is on constantly. For many, what was sold as a dream summer room actually becomes expensive extra storage.


Knowing this, the would-be buyer isn’t going to be thinking the conservatory is something worth paying for, they will either see it as an irrelevance, a space they won’t use so has no value, or, worse still, they will be mentally totting up the cost of knocking it down and installing some paving.


A potential solution


Have your cake and eat it – terrible diet advice, great conservatory advice.


It is possible to have a conservatory which fulfils all the briefs, it adds space, is a great room when the sun shines (and in the winter too) and also adds significant value to the property.


This is where we mention our own product; the Guardian Warm Roof. Without giving you the hard sell, we’d like to just mention what the roof does, it’s a lightweight, solid, tiled replacement roof which turns the conservatory into what it always should have been. It can be installed as a replacement roof on an existing conservatory or fitted to a new conservatory.


The difference it makes is enormous – not only does it solve those heating issues, it also blends in with the rest of the property as it comes in a range of styles and colours, basically it turns a conservatory into something more akin to an extension, as the home owner you’re getting the best of both worlds.


On this site, there’s loads of information about the Guardian Warm Roof. If it’s something that sounds like it might be of some interest please have a look round and do get in touch if you have any queries. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best as you turn your house into a dream home.