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Conservatory Owners – Here’s One Easy Way To Add Value To Your House

Do you have a conservatory?


Does it have a glass or polycarbonate roof?


Are you fed you fed up with it? (if you answered ‘yes’ to the first two the chances are high you also said yes to that one).


Would you like to know how you can make one tweak that will add value to your house AND make your conservatory usable?

OK, let’s get going.


Change Your Roof, Transform Your Conservatory

changing conservatory


The solution is actually really simple, we’re not big on suspense. Change the roof and the conservatory will be transformed into a room that is usable all year round and, simultaneously, your house is likely to go up in value, potentially by significantly more than you spent on the new roof.


This might sound too good to be true, but at Guardian we have hundreds of examples this exact situation occurring – a homeowner upgrading their conservatory roof and then later selling their house for a fee far in excess for what others identical neighbouring properties fetch.


Changing the conservatory roof to a lightweight, tiled roof transforms any conservatory into one that is usable all year round. Rather than being too hot in the summer, too cold in winter – problems created by having a roof that cannot regulate temperature – the conservatory becomes a pleasant space whatever the British climate has to throw at us.


The roofs also change how the conservatory looks externally, rather than looking like a bolt-on, the glass or polycarb doing little to blend in with the rest of the property, the conservatory instead effectively becomes a sympathetic extension.


With the Guardian Warm Roof, all styles are catered for and so whether your roof is Victorian, Lean-to, Edwardian or other, the replacement roof will match and fit with both the style and colour of the rest of the house.


Adding Value to Your Home


The roof adds value because it eradicates the problems inherent to so many conservatories and also makes them more aesthetically pleasing. It is a change that for any would-be buyer turns the conservatory from a space of no benefit and one they might be planning to knock down to one that is a great room they can put to use as, for example a second lounge, home office or playroom.


This does rather beg the question why conservatories had glass or polycarbonate roofs in thee first place. Sadly, they were the only permissible option. It was only relatively recently that we developed the Warm Roof, a replacement roof light enough to fit on any existing structure – the development of this roof led to regulations being changed to make lightweight, ,tiled roofs permissible.


Naturally, other products now exist but it is worth noting that Guardian was the first roof to get full Local Area Building Control approval (LABC and LABSS). Guardian also comes with lengthy guarantees and final quotes detailed to the penny to ensure there are no nasty surprises.


The Guardian Warm Roof simply puts right a wrong – nobody bought a conservatory thinking it would become an unusable space that was of little value, that only became apparent once it was up and the summer sun arrived.


Guardian Roofs help turn conservatories into what they always should have been – simply a great room, but they are more than that too, the stylish interior finishes allow for great versatility of purpose.


On this site, there is a wealth of information about Guardian Roofs, including galleries, technical information and FAQs.


However, if you have any queries, please contact us on 0800 066 5832.