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Can I Change My Conservatory Roof

Can I change my conservatory roof is a hugely popular term people punch into their search engine of choice and there are plenty of pages that set out to answer it.

Why have we decided to join their massed ranks? It’s because it was us who got regulations changed so that you could change your roof, we are in a unique position of being able to speak with authority.

The short answer is that yes, you can change your conservatory roof. You can get rid of that awful glass or polycarbonate roof and have it replaced with a lightweight, solid tiled roof.

That might be all you need to know, but please do at least have a bit of a look round this site. It was the Guardian Warm Roof’s development that led to the regulations being changed, it is the Guardian Warm Roof that stands alone in having full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. If you’re going to change the roof, ours is the product that has regulatory backing.

A quick history lesson

To explain why you can change your conservatory roof, we are going to have to first step back a few years.

Until 2010, conservatories had to be made with either a glass or polycarbonate roof, a choice about as useful as having to decide between a sieve and a colander for a choice of wedding hat. The problems are well known, neither can regulate temperature (we’re back to the roofs) and so the conservatory became too hot in the summer and too cold in winter unless the heating was on 24/7.
It was clear that an alternative was required, the problem was nobody had made one.

At Guardian, we set up two key aims – a replacement roof had to be designed so that it could be fitted to any existing conservatory structure; the old roof would come off, the new go on in a simple process.

Secondly, the roof had to serve its purpose, it had to transform the conservatory into a great space all year round – after all, there is no point paying for a replacement roof if the old problems remain.

We developed the Guardian Warm Roof, a product that was rigorously tested and proven to deliver on its key aims, that is why regulations were changed and, from 2010, solid conservatory roofs have been allowed, be that on a new build conservatory or as a replacement to the old roof.

At the time of writing, it remains Guardian who make the only roofs of this kind to have full LABC approval, meaning that quality is assured and also that having the roof fitted will be a smooth process free from red tape.

Why Change Your Conservatory Roof

You came to this page wondering if you can change your conservatory roof, having established that you can that throws up the question of whether it is worth it.

We believe there are three key reasons to change to a solid, tiled roof.

The first benefit is that the roofs make the room usable all year round. This is the main reason find out whether they can replace their roof, they want to turn their conservatory into a great room rather than it existing simply as extra storage space.

We have the testimonials to show that our roofs are genuinely transformational, while the fact that regulations were changed because our roofs are so effective is real proof of their qualities.

Rather than the conservatory being a no-go zone it can be an office, or extra lounge space, or playroom or games room…

A second benefit is that the roofs look great. Glass or polycarb roofs look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house. They look, dare we say it, dated.

However, a replacement roof can come in a range of styles and subtle colours, there is a style to match every type of property as you can see in our gallery. The roof helps the conservatory take on the look of a sympathetic extension, which brings us to…

There are financial benefits. The fact that you turn a flawed conservatory into what is effectively a superb extension means that the value of the house can increase significantly, in many cases the work more than pays for itself even if you look to sell straightaway.

Any would-be buyer is getting a great space rather than a conservatory they might feel they need to knock down, with the ensuing cost.
Even if you have no intention of moving, there are energy bill savings to be enjoyed each and every year, independent research putting these at £200 per year on the typical property.

It isn’t only possible to change your conservatory roof, if you do it you can have your cake and eat it (perhaps in your new and improved conservatory).

What next?

You came here wondering if it is possible to change your conservatory roof, thankfully it is. If you would like to discuss the options for a new roof, perhaps get a quick quote or be put in touch with local, approved Guardian Warm Roof installers please do get in touch with us on 0800 0665832.