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Buying A House With A Conservatory

Considering buying a house which comes with a conservatory? Many would-be buyers aren’t sure whether they are a good thing, a bad thing or just a thing.

And are they worth paying that bit extra for?

Here we take a look at the options you have when weighing up whether to put that bid in on a house with a conservatory and also what your longer term options are should the purchase go through.


Is a conservatory worth paying that bit extra for?

Given so many factors go into setting a house’s value – the location, state of repair, the seller’s’ relative need to sell and many, many more it is hard to ever say how a conservatory has altered the asking price.

However, it is safe to assume it will have added at least a few thousand pounds to what is being asked for and so a key question is whether you are happy to pay that bit extra.

If you love the property and are worried that someone else will pay full market value then it might well be worth paying, even if the conservatory itself adds little.

Often , though, the answer will be no, a conservatory isn’t worth paying extra for. Maybe a few decades ago, people would happily pay that bit extra for a house that had one, but that was before their flaws became so widely known.

Most conservatories, in their current state, are rooms you won’t get much use out of. As such, they aren’t really worth paying for. However, good luck trying to work out what the house would be worth without the conservatory and whether the sellers would be willing to knock a few thousand off!


Your options

Make the most of it

This is the easiest option. Simply use the conservatory as much as you can, try to make the most of an imperfect space.

The glass roof might make a conservatory too hot to be enjoyed during hot summer days, but they can still be a nice space during cool, overcast days. OK, that might not be quite how the conservatory was sold initially, but it’s a bit better than nothing.


Use for storage

It seems incredible to us, but often people use their unloved conservatory as extra storage.

However, it makes some sense. Most people have too much clutter so if there’s a room not being used much, why not put it to use as storage?

One problem though is the conservatory is so visible. Using a cellar or the loft as storage makes perfect sense, but using the conservatory just acts as an ongoing reminder that the room isn’t much use for the purpose it was intended for.



Knock it down

Admit it’s a bad job? Knocking down the conservatory is certainty an option if you’re certain you’re not going to get use out of it.

For the homeowner who paid for the conservatory in the first place, having it then knocked down might be too painful a move, that very real recognition that you have wasted money. That need not be the case if the conservatory comes as an unwelcome addition to a house you otherwise love.

Knocking it down can create extra garden space to be laid to lawn, decking, or any other use (a beautiful built in outside barbecue and bar perhaps?)

However, before you knock it down, there is one other option.


Upgrade it

Rather than that stark choice of making the best of a bad job, or knocking it down completely, there is a middle ground. A simple upgrade can turn the conservatory into a room that is a great space all-year round and also looks great. The upgrade essentially turns the conservatory into a sympathetic extension.

As the roof is the cause of all the issues, changing that roof to a lightweight, solid, tiled roof makes sense. At Guardian Warm Roof, that is exactly what we do – we developed our roofs both to solve the problem of conservatories being too hot in summer, but also as a product that comes in a range of styles and colours and so blends in with any property.

We don’t want to give the lengthy sales pitch here, although it is worth noting that our roofs do have full Local Area Building Control approval, this because regulators are happy they make good on all their claims. They have also been proven to save the homeowner substantial amounts on their winter energy bills AND they can add to a property’s value.

On his site, there is a wealth of information including FAQs and information on styles here.

If you want any more information about upgrading a conservatory roof, including advice on styles and an estimate as to the cost, please give us a call on 0800 0665832.