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Are DIY Conservatories Worth Buying?

You can go to Argos or Wickes and buy a DIY conservatory, adding near instant extra square footage to your property.

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However are these DIY add-ons a good purchase, do they offer great value for money or is it a case that you get what you pay for…

The appeal is obvious.

A DIY conservatory is likely to cost somewhere between £2,000 and £5,000 depending on the size and style, far from a small sum but a lot less than getting a full blown extension. It is also a figure below what you would be likely to pay for a more traditional conservatory of similar size, one built and installed by experts.

If for a few thousand pounds you get a great extra room, one that is a superb space to enjoy the summer from, what’s not to like? 

It will seem like a great investment when you’re using it, maybe glass of wine and good book to hand, the summer sun slowly setting.

That’s the dream isn’t it, but is it the reality?

Sadly not. If you get a DIY conservatory you will be getting extra space but you need to buy it knowing what the flaws are and then you can decide whether these flaws constitute a reason to rule out making a purchase.

DIY Conservatories – What You Get

The problem with a DIY conservatory is that it won’t be usable for much of the year, it will share the same fault as the majority of conservatories in that it will be too hot in the summer and too cold in winter unless the heating is left on near 24/7.

The problem is the roof, as with all glass and polycarbonate roofed conservatories, the roof on a DIY conservatory will exaggerate the external conditions. When it’s hot outside, it will be sauna-like in the conservatory, when it’s cold it will be freezing.

To counter this, people try having blinds fitted, though these come with a hefty price tag and the consensus is also that they do little to affect temperature. A fancy air conditioning system might be another option, but then your conservatory is no longer a cheaper option, it is a cheaper option with a very expensive heating and cooling system.

None of this is to say you need to get a more expensive conservatory, it is to suggest that the choice you have is between not getting a conservatory or getting one that is worth having.

At Guardian, we developed the Guardian Warm Roof conservatory, a conservatory that has a lightweight, solid, tiled roof. This roof makes the conservatory more in keeping with an extension, it makes the room usable all year round. Our roof actually led to regulations being changed, up to 2010 conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarb roof. Our work in proving the benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof changed this.

A conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof is a conservatory that is worth having, but it does cost more than a DIY conservatory. 

It might be that your budget only stretches to a basic DIY conservatory from Argos.

We would say that if your budget only stretches to a DIY conservatory then save your money. Of course, we are delighted when customers choose our product, but we also don’t want to see people waste money. Get a good conservatory or get no conservatory, put your money towards something else.

You don’t have to take our word for it – search Google, put in terms relating to conservatory problems and you will see a consensus that most conservatories, those without our style of roof, are a huge let down.

If you do want a conservatory please have a look around this site and get a feel for what one with a Guardian Warm Roof would look like, a few key links are included below. You can also call us on 0800 0665832.

As for Argos. Great for toasters, but less so conservatories. 

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